University of Lower Silesia

College No. 1 in Lower Silesia for 16 years, according to Perspektywy 2021 ranking of private tertiary level institutions. This year marks the silver jubilee of the University of Lower Silesia - it has been associated with Lower Silesia and Wrocław for 25 years, that is from its very origin.


From the beginning of the university’s existence, lecturers implemented the visionary plan to establish a free and democratic school. Students were to participate in its creation, realizing their passions and dreams without any obstacles.

Vratislavian born and bred!

A city brimming with tradition
the city has a unique atmosphere conducive to international and intercultural projects and events. During the year, many recurring events take place, such as the Day of Kindness, Jazz on the Oder, Actor’s Song Review, the Night of Museums, Shanties in Wrocław, the Festival of Amateur and Independent Cinema KAN, Wratislavia Cantans, Guinness Guitar Weekend, Brave Festival, International Street Artists’ Festival, and the New Horizons International Film Festival.

Naturally, the list of cultural and entertainment events also includes Juwenalia organized by almost all universities in the city. What’s more, the city of Wroclaw is the organizer of numerous sports events and occasions, as well as a place very friendly to athletes - modern facilities, bike paths, bike and water equipment rentals, as well as outdoor gyms, are elements that make a living here simply a pleasure.

The prime University, the superior choice

We took part in over 60 research and development and implementation projects, including 14 international, from the funds of the National Science Center, the National Center for Research and Development, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, for total funding of nearly PLN 35 million. Since the beginning of the University’s existence, we have been able to conduct over 170 scientific conferences, including 48 international and 122 domestic ones, and 233 scientific seminars, of which 151 have been recurrent events. We’ve also held over 30 editions of the International Summer Schools in cooperation with European and American tertiary schools, and we’ve always been hungry for more! We have international education programs accredited by American institutions; the total number of their participants from around the world exceeds 1000 people.

Extensive development opportunities
We are one of the few private universities in the country that educate so modernly in so many disciplines as pedagogy, psychology, social communication and media science, It, security studies, politics and administration studies as well as quality and management studies. our graduates become expert educators, psychologists, social workers, therapists, and teachers.

We hold  Category B. This means that we have the right to run studies preparing for the teaching profession. We conduct teacher studies in the fields of pedagogy and special needs education, as well as in the new field of pre-school and early school education, in which we prepare for the profession of pre-school teacher and early school teacher (grades 1-3). We have the right to confer doctoral degrees in the field of social sciences in the disciplines of pedagogy and social communication and media studies, as well as the academic degree of habilitated doctor in the realm of pedagogy.

We conduct doctoral studies in Polish, English and Czech. However, this is not all. At the University of Lower Silesia we also educate journalists, publishers, bloggers, spokespeople, image creators, game and animation developers, marketing and security experts, administration in public institutions and the business sector, diplomacy and international relations experts, professional employees of uniformed services, civil and security units, RES managers (renewable energy sources), surveyors and specialists in the design and independent creation of spatial plans and maps. Our offer is extensive, and the possibilities of developing specializations that we lecture are practically unlimited.

Technology has become an integral part of the modern education process. Online meetings with the lecturers, quizzes, tests, innovative Internet platforms, audio-visual materials as well as the original presentations by relevant researchers have become part of the catalogue of the devices commonly used in the process of education at university.


Have a peek what technological solutions our students use, regardless of whether they study during an epidemic or under entirely normal conditions.

The offer of studies in English

Admission guidelines - how to sign up for a degree program


Choose the program of your preference, go to the online enrolment section and choose the option Create an account in the upper right corner.


Make sure you choose a field and form of study most suitable for you. We have indicated the courses available in English with the British flag. Remember that you can get a visa only if you are a full-time student.


If you want to amend your study enrollment form, do not fill out the form again. All you have to do is contact the Admission Offices.


Create an Applicant's Account where you will find all the necessary directions on successfully completing the recruitment process for your chosen field of study. You will also find a list of all the necessary documents that must be provided to meet the recruitment requirements and become a ULS University student.




After creating an account and completing the recruitment form, you have 14 days to complete, deliver and sign the necessary documents. Only thanks to the Applicant's Account can you do all this without leaving your home online!


You don’t have all the documents yet, but you want to be admitted to studies and apply for a visa? No worries! Just create an account, fill in the form and provide us with the documents you already have. Then arrange the details of how to proceed with the Admission Offices.


After checking that we have all the necessary documents, we will inform you about your studies’ admission.

If we notice that we are missing something, we will keep you informed.


That’s it! You are a ULS student!


You can now:


Do you feel you need some assistance when singing up for our programmes?

Read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions that you can download from this link.



Admission Office

International candidates:

Tel.:  for candidates +48 539 670 477,  
for agents +48 693 010 160


Candidates speaking Ukrainian:



+48 693 010 162


A spot for you

  • We believe that lectures and classes are like journeys to unknown lands. Our lecturers are of the opinion that there are no wrong paths, no silly questions or bad ideas, as long they lead to knowing and experiencing. They are eager to assist you and support you in exploring new issues and new areas, no matter how difficult and complicated they might be.
  • Please read our guide before your journey at University of Lower Silesia starts, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Click here to read the guide that will help you to start your student life!


Also remember that you have constant contact with the University thanks to:

  • The USOS-web system where you can find news and announcements;
  • The library page with available catalogue, book, and publication search engine as well as opening hours;
  • A virtual Students’ Office with the schedule available two weeks before the commencing of the academic year.

At the university you have many development opportunities, you will find plenty of places to study and people from whom you can learn exciting and inspiring things.

  • We have one of the largest libraries among private universities in Poland. While studying, you can take advantage of over 94,000 volumes - books, textbooks and periodicals. We also offer access to multimedia collections and electronic documents as well as licensed databases.
  • We have our own academic publishing house. We have published almost 200 titles, including distinguished and awarded doctoral dissertations.
  • On-campus you will use Wi-Fi, and in the student cafeteria, you will find tasty, home-made dishes at reasonable prices (also for vegetarians).

ULS is based not far from the very centre of Wrocław and is well connected  with various essential destination points, such as the airport, Wrocław Mikołajów railway station, the coach station and the city’s highway beltway.

ERASMUS+ Programme

As part of student and employee exchange projects of the European Union Erasmus+ programme, we have been cooperating with over 100 prestigious academic centres, as well as with many business institutions located in 24 European Union countries, as well as Norway, Turkey, Iceland, Northern Macedonia and serbia. As part of the programme, ULs students have successfully carried out international study programmes at European universities, they also have the opportunity to acquire professional competences in an international environment by completing apprenticeships in European companies.


Detailed information on the possibility of obtaining scholarships offered by the Erasmus+ program for studies and international internships will be provided by the Office for International Education Cooperation.


Detailed information can also be found at ERASMUS+

or write to the e-mail address:

Tutoring – an innovative student care system

As a ULS student, you can count on the help of a tutor throughout your studies. The tutoring program covers all ULS students, but we take special care of 1st-year undergraduate and graduate students. the tutor’s task is to support the comprehensive development of students, support them in a new environment, help with demanding jobs, inspire to take on new challenges and find wise solutions that are beneficial and accepted by the student themselves. tutoring at ULs is a combination of work on developing learning skills and general knowledge about the functioning of a university. Read more about the tutor’s tasks at