What are you going to learn by choosing this specialization?

  • forms of creating an attractive image of oneself and clients or employers (corporations, local government, organizations third sector),
  • writing press releases and organizing press conferences,
  • modern forms of internet and media monitoring traditional,
  • basics of building an advertising message,
  • promoting the image of your company using various multimedia techniques,
  • the realities of action in an organizational crisis and ways crisis resolution.



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Career opportunities for you:

  • a competent employee of the communication department in the organization,
  • press spokesman representing the organization or units externally,
  • employee of PR agencies, including those specializing in crisis management.

What else should you know?

We live in times when there are no anonymous people. About virtually everyone, even little known
entity, you can find information on the internet. It's worth it take care of this data, for which specialists in this fields.

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Program studiów

  • creating a public and media image
  • Media monitoring - media effect
  • lobbying and sponsorship
  • Actions in crisis
  • brand - identity - reputation
  • image of the organization
  • communication with foreign partners and relations
  • with the media
  • design of new communication channels.
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