What are you going to learn by choosing this specialization?

  • We offer a unique 2-year graduate programme in big data, digital marketing and trendwatching held as full-time or part-time. The innovative curriculum combines knowledge from the field of economics, communications, digital marketing, public relations, statistics, and new technologies. During the course of the programme you will obtain key and full competencies in the new and rapidly developing branch of big data analysis, interpretation and visualisation. You will be using software tools dedicated to personal branding, social and mobile marketing, viral and buzz marketing, content management and creation, video marketing. You will be also given tools and competencies in trendwatching and trendsetting in selected areas like fashion, design, motorization, sports. Students will be familiar with cultural and marketing trends get in-depth understanding of trends formation and proliferation, lifestyles, forecasting and management of the future.

Career opportunities for you:

  • data scientist
  • big data analyst
  • big data visualizer
  • trendsetter
  • trendwatcher
  • content designer
  • content manager
  • mobile advertising specialist
  • SEO and SEM specialist
  • video content designer.

What else should you know?

  • Renowned international faculty from University of Glasgow (Scotland), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and University of Tel-Aviv (Israel).
  • Industry experts involved in teaching.
  • Internships under the wings of local leaders in e-commerce and advertising, big data analysis, mobile and interactive solutions, trendwatching, media monitoring.
  • Up to date equipment and software.
  • Vibrant community of professionals and researchers.
  • Rapidly developing Wroclaw with tones of working opportunities.
  • Start-up culture, professional events, international atmosphere.
  • Erasmus semester programmes and up to one year internships in Universities and enterprises from all over Europe.
  • Data scientist is named the most promising job of 2019 in America by LinkedIn Report.

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do 30 września
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430 zł
417 zł

Zapisując się do 30 września, zyskujesz:
●    300 zł zniżki w czesnym rozliczanej w ciągu dwóch lat studiów 
●    dodatkowo zwolniony jesteś z opłaty wpisowej.

Jeśli jesteś absolwentem DSW, zyskujesz więcej:
●    800 zł zniżki w czesnym rozliczanej w ciągu dwóch lat studiów (400 zł na pierwszym roku studiów i 400 zł na drugim),
●    dodatkowo zwolniony jesteś z opłaty wpisowej.



Program studiów

Selected courses:

  • Design thinking
  • Data communication
  • Drone journalism and aerial photography
  • Data mining techniques and web analytics
  • Fundamentals of statistics
  • Visualisations and infographics
  • Big data – linguistics analysis
  • Media and Internet monitoring
  • Corporate...
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