What are you going to learn by choosing this specialization?

  • Understanding how the presence of other people influences a person and his way of thinking, emotions, attitudes and behavior.
  • Identifying group processes; the dynamics of changes taking place in the group in the area of structure, roles performed, the emergence of a leader, as well as communication and group conflicts.
  • Constructing and conducting research in the area of human attitudes and behawior.
  • Analyzing aggressive behavior among people, as well as diagnosing their causes and symptoms and the possibility of eliminating them.



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Career opportunities for you:

  • Managerial and expert positions, eg in consulting and auditing companiesOrganizations involved in research in the area of social processes.
  • Political and cultural institutions.
  • Companies and training institutions.
  • Promotion, marketing and sales departments.
  • Institutions specializing in conflict resolution.

What else should you know?

Social psychology enables a better understanding of other people's behavior as well as group processes and interactions in a variety of social relationships. Classes within this specialization allow you to understand the mechanisms that drive attitudes, emotions and the way of thinking of other people, taking into account the awareness and intention of their actions.
The study program is aimed at acquiring practical skills, taking into account the latest trends in the field of social psychology.

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●    dodatkowo zwolniony jesteś z opłaty wpisowej.



Program studiów

  • Psychology of social influence
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Psychology of interpersonal relationships
  • Social exclusion
  • Conflict resolution methods
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