Full-time studies

Physical education classes for full-time students are implemented in subject blocks, which students sign up for at the beginning of the semester. The proposed forms of implementation include fixed classes - students do not pay additional costs, and classes appointed only in case of sufficient numbers - students pay part of the cost of their implementation.

Explore available classes for full-time studies

Fixed activities (at no additional cost):

  • Strength Exercises,
  • Fitness,
  • Nordic Walking,
  • Sports with racquets: Sqash, Table Tennis, Badminton, 


Strength exercises
Amateur gym exercise can be a great pastime and an enjoyable way to strengthen the body.  Physical activity and strength training help relieve stress, maintain a shapely figure, improve mood, and naturally boost the body's immunity.


The physical effort at the gym allows you to simultaneously fight against too high levels of bad cholesterol and excess body fat. This is very important since being overweight is responsible for most heart problems and heart disease. Systematic exercise at the gym helps fight these problems. Meeting at the class, you can exercise and learn how to plan workouts and pursue them through gym exercises.

Fitness classes: versatile and universal movement classes of a recreational nature, aimed at positively influencing the harmony of the body and mind; the proposed movement forms are conducive to the improvement of mental and physical fitness and well-being, affect the prevention of health, help to consciously fight stress, positively affect self-esteem; guaranteed good fun and self-satisfaction.
Nordic Walking
A form of recreation involving walking with special poles. It was invented in Finland in the 1920s as a year-round workout for cross-country skiers. The goal is to engage as many parts of the musculoskeletal system as possible in the effort through increased arm excursions, an extended stride and the correct use of specially designed poles.
 Additional activities (in case of sufficient number of applicants):

  • Tourism,
  • Skiing,
  • Bicycle tourism,
  • Relaxation techniques with elements of yoga therapy.    


Relaxation techniques with elements of yoga therapyHow to release tension stored in the body? What helps in relaxation? How to support concentration?  Relaxation classes are a time for you to learn and see how selected techniques (including Jacobson, Schultz, yoga nidra) affect the body and mind. Perfect for those with contraindications to exercise.


Skiing (cross-country and downhill)
This form of activities is implemented in the form of trips. It is sometimes combined with the possibility of organizing competitions for athletes with disabilities.


Hiking (including biking)
This is a "mild" form of tourism. You can get to know the tourist values of the nearest area of Wroclaw. No specialized equipment is needed. You get to know places that 90% of Wroclaw residents do not know about.

Physical education for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities can participate in classes according to their abilities and preferences.

It is possible to implement physical education in smaller groups.

Activities implemented:

- Nordic walking.


Possible classes:

  • Boccia,
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises,
  • others depending on the capabilities, demand and size of the group.