The Office of the Postgraduate Studies Department is primarily a place of service for each student. Qualified employees of the department are able to solve any problem you report to them.

If you want to: submit an application, collect or download documents, or would like to contact a lecturer, all of this can be obtained from the comfort of our new office. We always provide information and advice in this area.

What matters can you deal with in our office?

  • you will receive a certificate of studying or graduation
  • you will receive invoices for postgraduate studies
  • you will submit applications and applications, e.g. for conditional entry, dean's leave, crediting internships and others
  • you will receive assistance in the field of  USOSweb
  • you will receive a certificate of completion of postgraduate studies
  • you will submit documentation related to the end of the internship
  • you will receive information about the current offer of postgraduate studies
  • you will get acquainted with the currently conducted trainings


Postgraduate studies are an extremely practical product for people who want to develop their competences and strive to specialize in a given field. They allow you to broaden your knowledge and skills in very specific areas in a relatively short time, which allows you to quickly adapt to the labor market.

At the University of Lower Silesia, we monitor the labor market on an ongoing basis and constantly expand our offer with the most needed majors. We make sure that each of them includes the most useful, up-to-date and market-adapted range of material. We provide high quality education, also thanks to our cooperation with enterprises and institutions from Poland and abroad. Classes are conducted by high-class specialists - practitioners, with extensive knowledge and extensive experience in their field. All this means that the student is quickly equipped with the competencies needed on the market, which he can successfully use in practice.

Many of our postgraduate courses also enable obtaining additional certificates or qualifications, and thanks to the wide range of topics, everyone can find a product that meets their needs.

Piotr Wójcik

Director of the Department of Postgraduate Studies and Training

Contact us!

Department of Postgraduate Studies

Strzegomska 55

Tel.: 71 356 15 13, +48 539 670 414, +48 539 670 409


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