Gallery 55 was conceived as a place to exhibit and document the works of participants in the Summer Academy of Art as well as ULS students and collaborating artists. It is also a venue for thematic exhibitions, concerts and other artistic activities. As an artistic and educational project, Gallery55 assumes that the gallery will also be a forum for discussions about contemporary art and its social context, as well as for information about art events.


Gallery 55 is intended to be a creative space for personal creative expression. A place for discussions about art and its understanding. As part of Gallery 55's activities, it is planned to:

  • exhibitions of works from students' art workshops; 
  • individual and group exhibitions of students' own work;
  • concerts by students;
  • discussion meetings (Evenings in the Gallery);
  • meetings with artists;
  • individual and group exhibitions of works by Wroclaw and non-Broclaw artists;
  • exhibitions accompanying conferences on art and interpretation;
  • thematic exhibitions.