On November 19, 2013. The European Parliament passed a decision establishing Erasmus+, the new EU program for education, training, youth and sports.

Erasmus+ replaced seven previous programs and introduced many simplifications to make it easier than ever to access educational funds.

In addition to the Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action programs, it includes: Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Jean Monnet and support for sports initiatives.


The University of Lower Silesia received an ECHE Card, which is valid until the end of the new Erasmus+ program, i.e. 2027.

Thus, the university has been authorized for all activities under the program, and students, graduates, doctoral students and employees of the University of Lower Silesia benefit from educational trips abroad and develop skills in their studies or internships.  


Erasmus Policy Statement

Why Erasmus+

One of the key objectives of the Erasmus+ program is to support millions of students, doctoral students and young adults in gaining international experience and key professional skills by studying, training, and completing international internships and placements in partner countries.


ULS internationalization has always been one of the key aspects of our University's development, as reflected, among other things, in the fact that:

  • for many years, our students have been going to study and practice abroad as part of international exchange programs or EU educational programs,
  • we cooperate with foreign partners in the implementation of innovative teaching methods, applied and proven in the most prestigious universities in the world,
  • ULS lecturers and doctoral students participate in a number of international projects, learning the ins and outs of the work and know-how of our foreign partners,
  • ULS students and graduates have the opportunity to test in practice the skills they have acquired during their studies, carrying out international internships and placements,
  • we intensively develop cooperation within education and build the potential of ULS as an international academic and research center,
  • we are building intercultural potential and foreign language skills of our students and staff, among other things, through participation in mobilities implemented under the Erasmus+ program.

Erasmus+ for ULS Staff

All employees employed at the University of Lower Silesia can undertake trips to European institutions in the countries of the program for the purpose of training, improving professional competence and developing language skills.

As part of the Erasmus+ program (Action 1: Educational Mobility), academic teachers employed at the University of Lower Silesia can also benefit from trips to teach in the program countries.


The Erasmus+ program also allows the reverse direction, i.e. visits of specialists from foreign companies for training purposes, as well as scientists from partner universities to teach ULS students and doctoral students. This results in the internationalization of educational processes at ULS.

Detailed information about these opportunities and all documents necessary for the recruitment procedure can be found on the staff intranet and in the ULS Office of International Academic Exchange.

Additional information about Erasmus+


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