Tutoring is a programme to support students in their study process. This programme reaches out to every student at ULS and aims to provide counselling, pro-development and support activities. Each student group has a tutor with whom they can contact as a group or individually as required. The tutor also provides the group with important information about their studies.

Who the tutor is?

The tutor is a person primarily involved in the student's development. He/she also plays the role of a counsellor and a person who supports the students in the new environment of studying at the University of Lower Silesia. The tutor does not focus on the problem itself and does not give a ready-made solution - he or she tries to work with the student to find a solution.

What is a tutor's job?

  • informs about the study process, procedures and expectations
  • supports the mastery of learning skills in accordance with academic requirements and supports the student's academic development
  • indicates other university and external sources of support and information
  • builds a relationship with the University of Lower Silesia and strengthens the sense of belonging.

Faculty tutor coordinators:

Each group has a tutor who looks after the needs of the students, facilitates the study process and responds to problem situations.  Detailed information about the tutors at the individual faculties is provided by the faculty tutoring coordinators.