PhD School

The PhD School:

  • prepares the doctoral student for a doctoral degree in the social sciences in the academic disciplines of pedagogy, social communication sciences and media,
  • lasts from six to eight semesters and ends with the submission of a doctoral dissertation,
  • is conducted on the basis of an educational programme established by the Senate of the University of Lower Silesia and an individual research plan.

It is a place for those who plan to start their academic career, realise their research plans and prepare their dissertation in the area of social sciences in the disciplines of pedagogy or social communication and media sciences. A modular training programme, a research stipend for the entire period of training and the opportunity to work with experienced researchers - these are the strengths of the ULS PhD Schoo;


We have the experience and knowledge of how to work with male and female PhD students, and with more than ninety PhD holders in the social sciences, it is a source of pride for the DSW community. I know what I am talking about, in 2008 - at the University of Lower Silesia - I defended my doctorate in pedagogy with distinction.

dr hab. Paweł Rudnicki, ULS professor

Director of the ULS PhD School, Vice-President of the ULS Academic Council