Earn a master's degree from a recognised university

A university degree, including a master's degree, has a real impact on your salary,, so it is a great idea to invest in pursuing further education.

Some of our students choose to pursue second-cycle programmes in a field which is different from that of their first-cycle degree. In that way, they can extend their area of professional expertise. 

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Master's degree diploma

If If you already have a bachelor's or engineer's degree, you can become a. second-cycle degree student. The programme takes two years (4 semesters) and concludes with a thesis defence and a master's degree diploma. .


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Our original, innovative study programmes, , especially those in the fields of pedagogy, special education, journalism and social communication, have gained nationwide recognition and have been awarded many times, ,e.g. in competitions held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and by a foreign institution - Forum on Education Abroad.

What do you gain by studying at ULS

Diploma of a recognised university
Practical knowledge from experts
Recognised, original curricula
Tutor support
A rich student life