Bachelor's degree

We design our study programmes in a way that not only guarantees the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills , skills but also enables you to balance your studies with your private life. Our original, innovative study programmes have gained nationwide recognition and have been awarded many times, e.g. in competitions held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and by a foreign institution - Forum on Education Abroad.

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First-cycle (Bachelor) degree.

Duration – 3 years. . The subjects are selected to make it possible for you to get an attractive job and a wide range of practical skills in six semesters.

First-cycle programmes are completed with a Bachelor's degree. . This is the time when you acquire new skills and gain your first professional experience.. You will face many challenges during your programme – you will prove yourself in new situations and after six semesters you will be enriched with theoretical and practical knowledge.


Engineering degree

The engineering degree programme is a first-cycle programme that lasts 3.5 years (7 semesters) and concludes with the award of an engineering degree and diploma.. The labour market needs engineers, so we have prepared a programme that allows you to acquire the practical skills you need in your everyday work.

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Diploma of a recognised university
Practical knowledge from experts
Recognised, original curricula
Tutor support
A rich student life