At the end of July, we were informed about the results of the evaluation of our research activity, which we underwent as part of the WSB-DSW Research Federation.The very good results of the evaluation open up new possibilities - including the right to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in the highest rated disciplines (A, B+); flexibility in the creation of new programme offerings and the running of doctoral colleges.  


Academic categories awarded by decisions of the Minister of Education and Science:  

  • Economics and Finance - category A,  
  • Pedagogy - category A,  
  • Management and Quality Studies - category A,  
  • Social Communication and Media Studies - category A,  
  • Linguistics - category A,  
  • Physical Culture Studies - category B+,  
  • Security Studies - category B.

Such good evaluation results are the effect of the great commitment and passion of almost 200 research and teaching staff  working towards the development and professionalisation of research in our universities. During the period under evaluation, the research staff participated, among other things, in projects and research that had an impact on the social and economic environment by collaborating with many prominent national and international institutions. 


The evaluation of the research performance of the university was carried out by the Research Evaluation Committee (KEN) and covered the period 2017-2021. Academic disciplines are evaluated in terms of their level, the financial effects of research and development work and the impact of the academic activity on the functioning of society and the economy.  


The Research Units Evaluation Committee (KEJN), as part of its evaluation of research achievements, has awarded our university a B category. This means that we have the right to run programmes preparing for the teaching profession. . 

We run teacher training programmes in the fields of pedagogy and pre-school and early school education in which we prepare for the profession of a teacher of pre-school and early school education (grades I-III of primary school). . 

The university is authorised to confer honorary doctorates, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in,  the discipline of pedagogy and doctoral degrees in the discipline of Communication and Media Studies.

The University of Lower Silesia is one of the most important academic centres in Wrocław and the entire region of Lower Silesia. This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Research Projects

over 60

We have taken part in over 60 research and development projects.

over 60
research and development projects

Since the university's foundation, we have managed to hold more than 180 academic conferences.

academic conferences

We have also organised 233 academic seminars.  

academic seminars

We have taken part pin over 60 research, development and implementation projects, , including 14 international projects, funded by, among others, the National Science Centre, the National Centre for Research and Development, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, with a total co-financing of nearly PLN 45 million.


Since the beginning of the university, we have managed to organise over 180 academic conferences, including 48 of international and 122 of national reach, and 233 academic seminars, of which 151 were regular meetings.  

Awards and Distinctions

Our original educational programmes, especially those in the fields of pedagogy, special education, journalism and social communication, have received nationwide recognition and have been awarded many times, for example in competitions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and a foreign institution Forum on Education Abroad..

The award honours academics who prepare and implement innovative educational programmes. It is the only award presented to individuals or groups for quality in course design of international education delivered outside the US.

In 2019, our research staff also received awards:

  • dr Barbara Muszyńska received the award of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for significant achievements in research, teaching, implementation and organisational activities and for lifetime achievement
  • - dr Marcin Starnawski received the Łódź Scientific Society Award for the best dissertation in social pedagogy..


Successful Staff

The staff of the University of Lower Silesia consists of academics (researchers, research and development staff, teachers), practitioners of economic life and administrative staff. We actively participate in the academic life of the university, the city and the entire region, passionately share our knowledge and experience with students and are always open to new ideas.

We cooperate with public administrations, economic and business entities and large educational centres in the implementation of research and development projects.  

University Press

We have had our own university press operating since 2004, We have published almost 200 titles, including distinguished and awarded doctoral theses, following the COPE publication ethics. The university press is a member of the Polish Book Chamber. 

We publish four journals:

We collaborate with authors from all over the world, and we organise on-site internships for those wishing to learn more about working in publishing.