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Dolnośląska Szkoła The University of Lower Silesia has purchased access to a database of 4,000 e-books in the field of computer science and creative media. The database can be used by all our students and staff who have email addresses with the university domain @student.dsw.edu.pl lub @dsw.edu.pl .

For those who do not have university addresses, we offer PIN numbers, which must be collected from the Library, to activate your ebookpoint BIBLIO account.

You can access books from https://biblio.ebookpoint.pl/

you can also download a mobile application for your phone, tablet or e-reader  - https://ebookpoint.pl/aplikacje-ebookpoint.phtml


IBUK Libra



It is an online reading room with access to full versions of books and journals. The service is part of the academic publisher PWN. The collection includes academic textbooks, scientific books and journals in various fields of knowledge published by leading scientific publishers.

ULS staff and students can get a login and password to use the service at home. After you provide your library card number or student album number in an email to biblioteki@dsw.edu.pl, we will send you the login details.

ESREA book series



We encourage you to take advantage of open access to BRILL /ESREA publications. Many of them are published by our staff and contain texts whose quality is guaranteed by BRILL.

ESREA's mission is to advance high quality research in adult education and learning in Europe by supporting activities such as this:

- collaboration between researchers in the European context, understood in its broadest geographical sense;

- development of research and dissemination of results in all areas of adult education and lifelong learning;

- training of young researchers and continuous professional development of researchers;

- building relationships with other European organisations and relevant national organisations





EBSCO service is a suite of full-text and abstract databases in various fields of knowledge. It is available in the Library and on the ULS local network. ULS students and staff have the opportunity to obtain a password that will allow you to use the service from any computer outside our network. To do so, write to the Library: biblioteka@dsw.edu.pl




A database that provides access to engineering and technical publications, it contains full texts of journal articles and books, and allows you to publish articles in scientific journals on an open access basis (Open Access)

Your attention should be drawn to Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards, where you can find geospatial data, software and standards.


DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)



A repository of electronic documents from universities around the world. It was developed as part of the OpenDOAR project by the University of Nottingham (UK) and Lund University (Sweden). Search results are presented in the form of full-text textbooks, multimedia presentations, handwritten notes, article abstracts or copy records only.




Digital library providing access to more than 12 million scientific journal articles and books in 75 disciplines. Some publications are available in open access.

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)



Topics: schooling, education, social sciences. Database published by the Educational Information Center at the U.S. Department of Education. Over 1.6 million bibliographic descriptions; links to nearly 750,000 full-text documents and archives since 1966, including: Chronicle of Higher Education, Innovations in Education & Teaching International, School Planning & Management, British Journal of Educational Technology, Education Statistics Quaterly.

CEJSH - The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities



A huge database of journals, contains bibliographic descriptions and abstracts of articles published in Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak scientific journals. Selected journals in open access as full-text PDF files.

Covers the following fields: anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, literature, economics, education, ethnology, history, law, library and information science, philosophy, political science, psychology, science studies, sociology, theology.

Centrum Otwartej Nauki (CEON)



The CEON repository contains publications by Polish scientists: articles, doctoral dissertations, books, conference materials, reports and others. The database is administered by ICM UW.

ULS institutional repository (oPUB)



The oPUB repository contains publications and scientific dissertations by employees and doctoral students of the University of Lower Silesia. The database is managed by the ULS Scientific Information Center.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)



The DOAB service offers access to full academic books from around the world. The service's management office is located at Lund University Libraries (Sweden). The database currently contains more than 800 publications in various fields of knowledge.




Database of the contents of Polish technical journals. The subject matter of the database includes publications in the technical sciences and, by selection, in the sciences and environmental protection

Open J-Gate



The database indexes information on Open Access electronic journals from around the world. It currently includes about 7,000 titles.





A catalog that allows you to search the contents of millions of publications hosted in scientific repositories around the world (searches those repositories that meet certain metadata standardization criteria and are registered with the
OAIster). The database covers publications from various fields of knowledge.

CEEOL - The Central and Eastern European Online Library



The database provides access to scholarly journals and e-books in the humanities and social sciences on issues related to Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. More than 2,200 journal titles and 3,600 e-books can be found here - with the following.
some documents available in Open Access, some for a fee (from 2 to 10 Euros) in full-text version in PDF format.


Education and Learning of Adults


"RELA - The European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults" to czasopismo naukowe poświęcone edukacji osób dorosłych.

Wydawnictwo Naukowe DSW



A wide range of books and magazines. Students can use free publications and paid versions also available as e-book.


Journals available online:






It is primarily a library of interactive textbooks published by Wolters Kluwer and Lexis Nexis. More than 170 unique titles recommended by lecturers and examiners at law and administration faculties throughout Poland. ULS Library offers desktop access on a designated computer workstation.


INSTED: Interdisciplinary Studies in Education & Society (dawniej Teraźniejszość - Człowiek - Edukacja)   


Present - Human - Education is a place for multidisciplinary thinking about education, both its theoretical and practical aspects. The main task of the journal is to animate dialogue between representatives of the social sciences and humanities, especially those engaged in the philosophy of education, who study educational processes and institutions from the perspectives of different disciplines and present diverse theoretical orientations. All issues are available for download in pdf format.


Our resources are available both stationary, in the ULS Library, and the online catalog

You don't need to log in to view the collection catalog! The library's online system allows users to quickly search the collection and see if an item is currently available in the book collection.





more than 600

You will also find over 600 units of electronic media in our collections!

more than 600
electronic media units

You can find 3,000 journals in the ULS Library.

95 000

There are as many as 95,000 publications in the ULS collection! You are sure to find everything you are looking for here.

95 000