Virtual university

Want to keep in touch with the university online? Want to save time and submit documents online? Want to check the up-to-date schedule of your sessions? Our university has developed convenient solutions for you to make contact with us quick, easy and convenient.


All you need to do is log in and you will have the documents and information you need at your fingertips.  
We have prepared our internal USOS student system oraz and a virtual Registrar's office/schedules for you. Find out what you will be able to do with these tools.


This is the internal system of the University of Lower Silesia. You will be a frequent visitor to this site.The system is intuitive and easy, and with it, you will be able to check all the necessary information, data or news about your course of study.


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Virtual Registrar's office / schedules

This is a system designed for the most essential requirements of students.  You have access to all important matters relating to your studies in one place: session schedules and class timetables. . Both the content-related matters, as well as those that are more integration-related, such as student clubs.


Go to the virtual Registrar's office and check your session schedules

What can you do in the virtual Registrar's office?

  • You can look up the up-to-date schedule of your sessions
  • You have access to the necessary documents, which you can download  
  • You can look up the lecturers’ duty hours
  • You can download forms for diploma examinations
  • You will receive information about student support  
  • You will find interest groups and student organisations


This is a quick tool to keep you up to date. It allows us to communicate quickly, easily and conveniently. You will receive the most important documents, news and regulations directly to your e-mail box.


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Diploma Thesis Archive (APD)

Students enter their thesis in the Diploma Thesis Archive (before submitting their documents for the diploma exam). Information on its correction or approval is communicated via the APD.


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