Thanks to contacts made with employers from both the local and national markets, The ULS students and graduates have access to many interesting offers of internships and placements as well as permanent or temporary work..


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Work placements are an ideal way to test your knowledge and improve the skills you have acquired during your university studies. They allow you to:

  • gain experience
  • verify your professional aptitude
  • show off your skills to potential employers
  • gain references.


Looking for an interesting placement? Apply at the Career and Placement Office.


Internships are a form of employment offered by employers and it is worthwhile to develop your professional experience based on. them The internship offers, containing the internship programme requirements for candidates, and very often the salary for the intern, are prepared by the specific company and forwarded to the Career and Placement Office.


Are you interested in doing an internship at companies cooperating with the ULS?

Visit the ULS Career and Placement Office FB fan page or go to, to find out about the latest offers.

Many companies looking for employees send their job offers to the Career and Placement Office.  They are published on an ongoing basis on the ULS Career and Placement Office FB page  of and on our website


In addition, at the request of employers, the Career and Placement Office recruits and pre-selects candidates. If you are looking for a permanent or temporary job, contact a career advisor and arrange a meeting either traditionally or online. When an offer matching your preferences appears, the advisor will contact you by email or by phone.


Praktyki - dokumenty do pobrania dla studentów na rok akademicki 2022/2023
Procedura realizacji praktyk
Skierowanie i potwierdzenie przyjęcia na praktykę
Formularz zgłoszenia pracodawcy
Dziennik praktyk
Wniosek o zaliczenie praktyki na podstawie innej aktywności zawodowej
Porozumienie z pracodawcą w sprawie realizacji praktyk

Regulaminy praktyk studenckich: