The Career and Internship Office team supports students and graduates of the University of Lower Silesia in:

  • acquiring additional professional competencies and qualifications,
  • active and effective movement on the labour market,
  • conscious career planning,
  • realisation of set professional goals.

We care about offering high quality services and implementing modern solutions that prepare our students (already at the stage of their studies) to succeed in the labour market.

What do we offer?

  • training and courses to enrich knowledge and develop professional skills,
  • workshops preparing for contact with the employer (job interview, negotiation of employment conditions, periodical evaluation, etc.),
  • counseling in the field of diagnosis of professional preferences and personal potential,
  • support in finding interesting internship and apprenticeship placements,
  • individual and group coaching sessions,
  • mentoring programme and study visits allowing to get to know the future work environment,
  • job placement.

Our services are provided traditionally and online with hours tailored to your needs.

Interested in finding out your unique combination of talents?

We invite you to take the Gallup test.

The Gallup test is a counselling tool for assessing natural talents. Awareness of these enables you to match your occupation to your innate aptitude, achieve success in your work and personal life, derive satisfaction from your work and realise your full potential. All over the world, more than 24 million people have already tested their talents. Now students at our University can do the same.