We are one of the few non-public universities providing courses in such a wide variety of study disciplines. We offer degrees in the humanities, technology and engineering.

We create our offer based on research into the needs of the labour market, for people working in different industries, of different ages and with different interests.

Our original, innovative study programmes have won many national awards. We create them in consultation with experts working in the relevant industry. We permanently cooperate with many educational institutions, psychological counselling centres, new technology clusters, editorial offices, publishing houses or state institutions, which our students can visit or in which they can do job placements.

Professionals from various industries often visit students in class or conduct interesting meetings, training sessions and workshops for them. In this way, students not only meet practitioners of the profession, and learn about the latest developments in many fields, but can also find interesting opportunities for future employment.

At our university you can select:


What else do we offer?

Doctoral College

The Doctoral College is a place for people who plan to embark on an academic career, implement their research plans and prepare a dissertation in the social sciences in the disciplines of pedagogy or social communication sciences and media. Eighty-seven people have been awarded doctoral degrees and 20 have received post-doctoral degrees. More


Lower Silesia Third Age University

The main objective of the university and our primary task is the intellectual development of our students, caring for their physical condition, but also creating a friendly space for active leisure. We organise numerous academic, cultural and artistic events, language courses, arts and sports activities.
With this initiative, we not only promote the idea of lifelong learning and broadening of knowledge but also meet the expectations of those who came of age a long time ago , and who appreciate intellectual entertainment and are oriented towards personal development regardless of age, education and occupation. Meetings are attractive platforms for sharing experiences and knowledge and making new friends. More


Centre for Foreign Language Learning
This is where we design and implement teaching activities to develop English language skills. The professional teachers who work with us are highly qualified and have teaching skills, master's degrees in philology, teaching diplomas and certificates recognised in most European countries. We know that the ability to speak a foreign language increases employability, facilitates international mobility and cooperation, opens up foreign labour markets and deepens our understanding of foreign cultures. More