The ULS Staff

The staff of the University of Lower Silesia consists of academic teachers (with research, research and development, and teaching responsibilities) and administrative staff. We actively participate in the academic life of the school, the city and the entire region, passionately share our knowledge and experience with students and are always open to new ideas. We cooperate with public administrations, economic and business entities and major educational centres in the implementation of research and development projects.

In order to develop the course offerings and the level of teaching, we carry out research, development, and didactic and methodological work as part of projects undertaken at the university, including:

  • EDITE – European Doctorate in Teacher Education (Horyzont 2020)
  • EU_CUL – Exploring European Cultural Heritage for Fostering Academic Teaching and Social Responsibility in Higher Education
  • EMPLOY – Enhancing the Employability of Non-traditional Students in Higher Education
  • EDUPRO - Promoting lifelong learning in higher education through the implementation of innovative practices for the recognition of learning outcomes acquired outside formal education (Erasmus+: Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education),
  • Wittgenstein and Democratic Politic (Harmonia 10),
  • TEACUP Project TeacherCulturePluri w ramach Erasmus+. 

What else should you know?

In the last year – 2019, as well as throughout the whole period of activity, we received numerous awards for educational performance including teaching, implementation and organisational activities.


The Research Units Evaluation Committee (KEJN), as part of its evaluation of research activities, awarded our university a B category. This means that we are entitled to run degree programmes preparing for the teaching profession in the fields of pedagogy and special education, as well as in the field of pre-school and early school education.


We are also authorised to confer doctoral degrees in the social sciences in the disciplines of pedagogy and social communication and media sciences, and post-doctoral degrees in the discipline of pedagogy.


In the Doctoral College, you can acquire advanced knowledge in pedagogy and related disciplines, it prepares you for independent research work and teaching at the university level, and allows for the creative exchange of ideas and the development of skills. We are committed to making our university a place for the exchange of ideas and opinions, a meeting place for passionate, enthusiastic people. We have the experience and knowledge of how to work with doctoral and post-doctoral students, and with more than eighty people holding doctoral degrees in social sciences, it is a source of pride for the ULS community.

Brand Attribute Survey

The opinion of students and graduates is also very important to us. In the Brand Attribute Survey (BAM), we asked them to tell us what they like about their studies and what still needs to be improved. Among other things, we ask for their views on the curriculum, the organisation of classes and their job satisfaction after graduation. We also pass the survey on to company representatives.

In this way, we check whether our graduates have skills that are valued in the labour market. We analyse all survey responses and the conclusions help us to further adapt our offer to the needs of students and employers.