A training on: Plurilingual and Pluricultural approaches in language(s) education 


Part 1 academic teachers September 18th 2023 

Part 2 pre-service students in October

Language of the training: English

Training provider: dr Barbara Muszyńska, DSW University of Lower Silesia, Wrocław, Poland
This training is free of charge as it is part of the dissemination of the Erasmus+ TEACUP project.
Training will be held online on MsTeams.
Requirement: academic teachers with pre-service students approaching internships at primary or secondary schools

Short description:
The training aims at awareness raising of the importance of the plurilingual and pluricultural approach recommended by the European Commission in foreign language(s) teacher education among academic teachers and pre-service students conducting internships with learners at schools. The training will provide theoretical insights as well as practical solutions for FL teaching and learning. Part 1 of the training – for academic teachers - will provide insights and materials for working with pre-service teachers. Part 2 of the training – for pre-service students - will provide insights and materials for working with school learners. 

End of training assignment: 
Academic teachers’ reflections and feedback.
Pre-service teachers reflections, feedback, school learners’ artifacts (a few photos)  
Deadline: end of winter semester


PART 1  for academic teachers  September 18th 2023   9:00-12:00
PART 2  for pre-service teachers October 2023  3 hours
Sum up meeting: January 2024   1 hour
Certificates: upon the completion of the training assignment
Certificates of course completion  will be issued digitally to academic teachers and pre-service students.

To register go to: REGISTER 

Registration is open until September 10th 2023

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