The University of Lower Silesia has held habilitation qualifications since November 2009. The authorizations give the right to conduct third-degree (doctoral) studies, to habilitate, as well as to apply for the title of professor, and to confer the honorable title of doctor honoris causa.


Honorary doctorate awarded by the University of Lower Silesia:

  • 2013 - ULS's honorary doctorate was awarded to Polish sociologist and philosopher Prof. Zygmunt Bauman. The Senate of the University of Lower Silesia awarded the honorary doctorate to Prof. Bauman for: "for his outstanding scientific achievements - descriptions of today's social systems that sensitise people to the dangers of modernity, which do not give people the chance and time to take root and adapt to the ever-changing reality".


  • 2011 - ULS received an honorary doctorate from the Polish pedagogue, Prof. Zbigniew Kwieciński. The Senate of the University of Lower Silesia awarded an honorary doctorate to Prof. Kwiecinski for: "outstanding scientific achievements in pedagogy and sociology of education, nationally significant contribution to the development of scientific staff and the creation of academic communities and committed participation in the public debate on vital problems of education".