The training in the ULS Ph.D. enables you to acquire advanced knowledge in the social sciences, in the disciplines of pedagogy or social communication sciences and media, prepares you for independent research work and teaching at the university level, and allows for the creative exchange of ideas and development of skills.

To support academic exchange, we have set up several programmes that enable participation in scientific seminars, summer schools, study visits, and international conferences in various foreign academic centres. 

We organise scientific seminars and meetings with well-known academic personalities. 

We emphasise that our university is a place for the exchange of ideas and opinions, a meeting place for passionate, committed people. 


At The ULS Ph.D. School:

  • you will prepare for a doctoral degree in social sciences in the scientific disciplines of pedagogy, social communication sciences and media
  • the study lasts from 6 to 8 semesters and ends with the submission of a dissertation
  • we offer a scholarship for the entire period of study
  • cooperation with experienced researchers

A person may be admitted to The ULS Ph.D. School who:

  • has a master's degree or an equivalent professional title obtained in Poland or another country, recognised as equivalent according to the principles referred to in Article 326 of the Law on Higher Education and Science
  • has obtained permission for scientific supervision from a ULS research and teaching staff member who holds a postdoctoral degree or a professorial title in a given or related scientific discipline, or who meets the conditions referred to in Article 190(5) of the Law on Higher Education and Science and does not meet the negative prerequisites referred to in Article 190(6) of the Law on Higher Education and Science. about higher education and science.

Candidates are admitted to The ULS Ph.D. School within the admission limit set by the Senate on the proposal of the Director of The ULS Ph.D. School. In justified cases, the Senate may - at the request of the Director of The ULS Ph.D. School - increase the admission limit.
Recruitment to doctoral studies of Polish citizens and non-Polish citizens who exercise the rights of Polish citizens is using a competition. Candidates are admitted to The ULS Ph.D. School for the first year based on the results of the recruitment procedure, which may include: an exam in a modern foreign language, a written opinion of the thesis supervisor, a written opinion of the prospective Ph.D. thesis supervisor, a letter of recommendation, an interview, a written or oral exam in selected fields, the results of studies to date, previous academic and professional achievements, a letter of motivation, or all of these forms simultaneously.