The Faculty of Applied Studies was formed at the University of Lower Silesia on 1 October 2019 to replace two existing faculties: The Faculty of Educational Sciences and The Faculty of Social and Technical Sciences. The transformation resulted from changes in higher education and the University's development and investment plans.

Classes at the Faculty are taught by nationally and internationally recognised researchers, practitioners and specialists. A rich educational offer, multifunctional space, multimedia laboratories and modern teaching rooms, its own TV and photography studio, a professional audio laboratory, one of the few motion capture studios in Poland, convenient location in the centre of Wrocław, accessibility for people with disabilities, and free parking for students are just a few of the advantages of the Faculty of Applied Studies.

The Faculty is also a venue for international conferences, seminars and numerous socio-cultural events. We organise a variety of events aimed at students, graduates, collaborators and residents of Lower Silesia. As part of numerous projects, we cooperate with the regional, national and international socio-economic community.

The University is authorised to confer honorary doctorates, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in the discipline of Pedagogy and doctoral degrees in the discipline of Communication and Media Studies.

The Structure of the Faculty of Applied Studies

  • College of Administrative, Security and Technical Studies
  • College of Social Communication and Media Studies
  • College of Pedagogical Studies
  • College of Psychological Studies
  • College of Health Studies
  • Lower Silesia Third Age University
  • College of Physical Education and Sport
  • Centre for Foreign Language Learning
  • Career and Placement Office
  • University Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Support
  • Diagnosis and Therapy Office for Children with Developmental Disabilities


Faculty of Applied Studies

ul. Strzegomska 55

 53-611 Wrocław


Dean of the Faculty of Applied Studies

dr Joanna Minta, prof. DSW


Dean's Office

ul. Strzegomska 55, 53-611 Wrocław (room 411)

Head of the Dean's Office

mgr Maria Rajca

tel: 71 356 15 33

mobile: 539 670 419


Administrative Officer of the Dean's Office

Aleksandra Nędza

tel: 71 356 15 11

mobile: 539 670 415


Administrative Officer of the Dean's Office

Barbara Woldan

tel: 71 356 15 33

mobile: 662 197 217

Vice Dean for Teaching

dr Iwona Ładysz


Research Discipline Coordinators:

Coordinator of the Research Discipline Pedagogy

dr hab. Sławomir Krzychała, prof. DSW


Coordinator of the Discipline of Social Communication and Media Studies

dr hab. Jan Stasieńko, prof. DSW