Administrative Staff

There are positive and open-minded people working at the University of Lower Silesia. Each student can expect their support, advice and a smile. Career Offices, Registrar's Offices, Admission Offices and all other departments are there for you. Do not hesitate to ask their staff for help.

Registrar's Office

In the Registrar's Office, you will resolve a number of important matters. Its tasks include:

  • issuing and renewing student ID cards
  • setting up accounts in the USOSweb system
  • issuing certificates of study status
  • processing student applications regarding their course of study
  • issuing and accepting student records of conditional entries and curricular differences
  • crediting semesters
  • logging diploma theses before the diploma examination

The director of the Registrar's Office is::
mgr Barbara Jabłonkowska


The ULS Library provides the best possible conditions for the widest possible range of users to benefit from the world's academic heritage. It draws on the knowledge and innovation of its staff, who are given opportunities for comprehensive development.

What can you find in the ULS Library catalogue? It would be easier to ask what you can’t find!
We make sure that the research workshop includes the most important and latest publications in:

  • pedagogy,
  • cultural studies and logology,
  • philosophy,
  • psychology,
  • sociology,
  • medicine,
  • marketing and management,
  • political science, especially international relations,
  • history,
  • media studies,
  • computer science and visual arts.

In recent years, due to the launch of new programmes of study and the planned further expansion of the university's profile, the library has been collecting literature on musicology and geodesy and cartography.
The stock of informational, bibliological and library science publications, all of which form a professional workshop for library staff, is being steadily enriched.

In the ULS Library, you will also find, alongside books, an extensive collection of journals (in paper and electronic versions).

The director of the library:
Agnieszka Kobiałka
tel. 71 356 15 06

Career and Placement Office

The mission of the Career and Placement Office is to help ULS students and graduates make an effective transition from study to employment and to function effectively in today's labour market.


The Career Office, which is dedicated to you, helps you to develop academically and to be active in your career. We offer individual counselling, group counselling and job placement. All our services are free of charge.


The director of the Career and Placements Office:
Ewa Suchożebrska 


tel. 71 355 14 38

International Academic Exchange Office

As part of the curriculum, ULS students complete study programmes abroad, at European universities, and also have the opportunity to acquire professional competences in an international environment by undertaking work placement in European companies. Our partner universities include: Freie Universität Berlin, University Of Tartu, University Of Bergen, Universidad De Sevilla, University Of Zagreb, Masaryk University, Roskilde University, University Of Utrecht, Universita Degli Studi Di Genova, Technische Universität Dresden, University Of Antwerp.


The Director of the Office:
Zuzanna Dyrcz


Centre for Foreign Language Learning

The importance we attach to learning and teaching foreign languages is rooted in the conviction that language competence enhances employability, facilitates international mobility and cooperation, opens up opportunities for seeking work abroad, and deepens our understanding of foreign cultures. Centre for Foreign Language Learning contributes to the ULS's development strategy by carrying out activities towards its greater internationalisation.


The director of the Office:
Dr Barbara Muszyńska

Publishing House

The ULS University Press is a university-wide organisational unit established by the Rector of the ULS in 2004. Its activities include the publication of academic books (monographs, book series, edited volumes) and journals in the fields of humanities and social sciences, technical sciences and physical culture studies, the subject matter of which corresponds to the fields of study and research carried out at the ULS.


The University Press also sells books online.


The Director of the University Press:

Dr Magdalena Karciarz


tel. 71 351 15 03539 670 429