Being at university is an amazing time. It's a time when you learn things that really interest you and that you have selected on your own. It's also the time when you gain confidence, spread your wings and become a mature person.


It is during your time at university that you will make plans for the future, meet people who will become your friends for life, see new places and understand what you are capable of.


We hope you spend this important time at the ULS and that the university becomes the place you have been looking for.

What do you get as a student?

A very wide range of study programmes – you can choose from humanities, technical and engineering courses. We educate professional psychologists and educators, social workers, IT specialists, journalists, publishers, bloggers, spokespersons, image designers, game and animation creators, marketing specialists, security specialists, administrative staff in public institutions and the business sector, experts in diplomacy and international relations, professional staff in the uniformed services, civilian services and agencies responsible for security, surveyors and specialists in the design and independent creation of spatial plans and maps.


So not only do you have the chance to study for the degree of your dreams, but also to meet many interesting people with a wide range of interests and learn in an inspiring and stimulating environment.

The Career Office staff help you find your way in the labour market and pass your student placements. They specialise in individual counselling (e.g. defining your aptitudes and professional interests, preparing application documents - CV, LM), online and group counselling (e.g. workshops on active and effective job seeking, self-presentation) and mediation in contacts with employers (promoting ULS students and graduates, organising meetings with employers, Job Fairs, study visits, obtaining specific job offers, internships, work placements, volunteering, etc.)

You don't have to travel to the university just to find out the schedule of the next session, check lecturers' duty hours or current news. Thanks to the USOS-web system, where you can find updates and announcements, you have constant contact with the university no matter which part of the world you are in.

You'll have a home-cooked, warm and affordable meal at the university cafeteria. You'll also benefit from all the facilities to help you study.


Remember that we put the library, the publishing house, the exhibition galleries, the theatre, The Centre for Foreign Language Learning and the Research Clubs at your disposal. You can also use the computer labs, recording studio or laboratories. And don't forget about opportunities to study abroad - the staff at the International Academic Exchange Office can answer your questions.

The lecturers are academics with many years of experience and professional practice. They are specialists in their areas of expertise. Because they are actively involved in the academic life of both the university and the region as a whole, they have their finger on the pulse and know the latest developments. They will not only teach you a subject but also point you in the right direction, help you develop your talent and choose a professional path. Good relationships are very important at the university. They are important for the whole academic community.

It is the lecturers who are the first line of developing these relationships, so they try to make them good, partner-like and full of understanding.

Twice a year, we organise photo shoots in which our students take part. This is not only an opportunity to meet new people and integrate but also a fun adventure and you have a nice keepsake in the form of photos. It is only the profiles of our students that appear on the materials that are produced to promote the school. They are simply the most interesting and colourful people!


To take part in the shoot, follow the news on social media closely!

Elzbieta Kegel - opinia

Thanks to the ULS I discovered what I wanted to do in life. It may sound unbelievable, but it was really so! I searched for a long time and thought about what path to take, tried and learned various things. In the end, I chose journalism and social communication. For me, it was a revelation. During my time at university, I had classes with practitioners - journalists and reporters. They got me interested in photography and that's the area I want to be involved with for the long term. I don't think I would have made that decision if it wasn't for the huge motivation and courage I gained during those few years at university. I simply started to believe in myself.

For 2 years, I was the Students' Union President, participated in the conventions of the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland and the Forum of Non-Public Higher Education Institutions, and made contact with various organisations and people from all over Poland. Working in the Students' Union was very rewarding - I learned how to organise events, communicate with people, and establish relationships. It was also a school of diplomacy and management. I hope that all these qualities and skills will come in handy in my current and future work.

Elżbieta Kegel

absolwentka DSW