The strength of our university is its people. Experienced and positive lecturers and friendly administrative staff. Every student can rely on their knowledge, advice, support and smiles.


Many of our lecturers are our graduates or PhD students, as well as people who know the field in question very well from their professional practise. They are not only school employees, researchers or academics, but also owners of their own companies, consultants, coaches, psychologists, computer scientists, journalists and practitioners from a wide range of industries. They pass on their knowledge to the students in lectures and workshops as well as in laboratories. At the university, we prefer action-oriented teaching (exercises, case studies, games, trainings) that requires the full participation of the students.


Each course has its own course leader. This allows us to ensure a high quality of education and a modern approach to the topics covered in each course. This person reviews and improves the study programmes in cooperation with the teaching team, students and graduates and organises attractive internships and work placements. She is also responsible for suggesting study circles.


Faculty of Applied Studies

At the university, we have created a Faculty of Applied Studies with four colleges:

  • College of Administrative, Security and Technical Studies
  • College of Social Communication and Media Studies
  • College of Pedagogical Studies
  • College of Psychological Studies

Each of the colleges has its own head and lecturers associated with the subjects covered and the research conducted.


If you have any questions about the course, please contact the college leader or the course instructor.

dr Bogusław Węgliński

Internal Security (BA)

Internal Seciruty (MA)

dr Iwona Ładysz

Administration (BA)

Administration (MA)

mgr Joanna Mulik-Buczma


Nutrition and health promotion (BA)

dr Piotr Para


Journalism and Social Communiation (BA)

Journalism and Social Communiation (MA)

prof. dr hab. Edward Osada


Geodesy and cartography (BA)

Anna Piguła


Human resources & coaching (BA)

Human resources & coaching (MA)

mgr inż. Stanisław Lota

Information Technology (BA)

Zdjęcie mgr inż. Stanisław Lota

Julita Florczak

Cosmetology (BA)

dr Barbara Kilijańska


Media design & Visual marketing

dr Adam Flamma


Creative media: game design, animation and special effects

dr Adam Flamma

dr Szymon Makuch


Creative media: game & animation design

dr Karolina Reinhard

Pedagogy (BA)

Pedagogy (MA)


dr Karolina Reinhard

dr Agnieszka Zembrzuska


Pre-school and early childhood pedagogy

dr Agnieszka Zembrzuska

dr Małgorzata Oleniacz


Special needs pedagogy (unified master studies)

Rehabilitation (MA)

dr Małgorzata Oleniacz

mgr Sławomir Brdęk


Social work (BA / dual) 

Social work (MA)

mgr Wioletta Klimczak


Psychology (unified master studies)

Psychology (MA)

dr Anita Szprych


Modern Arts - Design now! (BA)

Anna Piguła


Psychology in Business (BA)

dr Danuta Studencka-Derkacz

Management (BA)

Management (MA)