We want our university to function efficiently and properly.. Many people from different departments and structures work to make it so. Thanks to them, we have high ratings in the rankings, satisfied graduates, award-winning programmes of study, and academics.


So who is working towards our collective success?


The Senate consists of: Rector, Chancellor, Vice Chancellors and the representatives of the university's founder.
The Senate has an important role. It decides on strategic projects and the future of the ULS. In addition,
it also:

  • adopts a plan for research activities
  • applies to the Rector for the creation of new programmes of study and gives its opinion if a programme is to be discontinued
  • ensures the quality of curricula and defines in a resolution what skills a graduate should possess
  • approves reports and statements
  • uadopts study regulations
  • sets admission rules and limits for degree programmes.


Academic Board

The Academic Board is made up of representatives of academic staff, students and doctoral students as well as coordinators of the academic disciplines taught at the university.


The tasks of this body include:

  • conferring academic degrees in the discipline,
  • conducting proceedings for the award of doctoral degrees and post-doctoral degrees,
  • and giving opinions on regulations and other legal acts.

University Executive Council

The Council is made up of the Rector, the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellors, the Dean and the Chief Financial Officer.  Its most important task is to ensure the proper functioning of the university in terms of its operational, financial and marketing activities.


Students' Union

The Students' Union is a student-led organisation. It represents them in meetings with university authorities, proposes projects that are important to students, requests changes to regulations concerning students and, above all, organises interesting events, exhibitions and meetings.


Being part of the Students' Union is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in teamwork and to test your mentoring and organisational skills already during your studies.



Sławomir Krzychała, PhD, Assistant Professor at the ULS


 Krzysztof Kamiński

Vice Chancellors

Vice Chancellor for Development and Infrastructure

Magdalena Fit

Vice Chancellor for Education Management

Magdalena Nowak


If you're looking for solutions to student problems - the Deans can help. Don't be afraid to ask questions, they will certainly help!

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Studies

Joanna Minta, PhD, Assistant Professor at the ULS

Vice Dean for Education

Iwona Ładysz, PhD

Vice Dean for Education

Anna Motylska-Kuźma, PhD

Vice Dean for Education

Aleksander Korchut, PhD

Vice Dean for Education

Piotr Para, PhD