Distance learning at ULS

To ensure the continuity and quality of education with regard to distance learning, we are providing support to lecturers and students from March 2020. This support is offered in a variety of forms, e.g. online training, instructions, instructional videos.


In order to improve activities related to remote learning, the Remote Education Workshop (PEZ) of the University of Lower Silesia has been established.

The Studio was established on the basis of the ULS Founder's recommendations, the ULS Senate Resolution, as well as the recommendations and standards in force in the TEB Akademia group of universities concerning the use of distance learning methods and techniques in the teaching and learning process in higher education, including, for example, the 'Standards of Remote Learning Methodology'. 


At the beginning of 2022, the Remote Education Laboratory, transformed into the Remote Learning Development Department, a unit that reports to the Vice Chancellor for Didactics.  

What does it mean to a lecturer?

  • methodological and technical support in the field of designing and conducting classes with the use of methods and techniques of distance learning.

  • access to an additional form of support (technical, e-methodical) in the form of consultations with the staff of the Workshop and the possibility to participate in thematic in-service training courses.

  • access to additional instructions, instructional videos on the use of MS Teams Moodle and other ICT tools useful in designing and implementing the teaching process.

  • access to a dedicated website dedicated to e-learning, containing up-to-date information on seminars, conferences, publications as well as free training and courses and e-materials for academic teachers.

  • Support for the design and development of e-learning courses and teaching aids used in classes delivered remotely synchronously or offered asynchronously.




Head of the Distance Learning Development Unit
Dr  Elena Atanasiu 
e-mail: elena.atanasiu@dsw.edu.pl
Multimedia & LMS specialist
inż. Michał Stańczak
e-mail: michal.stanczak@dsw.edu.pl