Meet ULS

The University of Lower Silesia is one of the most important academic centers in Wrocław and the entire Lower Silesia region. Every year we educate over 8,000 students.


Since commencing the University, our faculty have been implementing a visionary plan to create a free and democratic school. The Students have been crucial and very engaged participants in this process. They actively influence the shape of the academic community. While studying, they fulfill their aspirations and passions and develop talents.

Our offer includes the following:


Moreover, we carry out numerous courses and open and closed training sessions and organize numerous scientific and research events and conferences.


Practical knowledge provided by experts and tutors and the approachability of the University faculty and staff make studying at ULS a time of gaining experience and an unforgettable adventure.


Call us. ULS is the place for you!


Feel invited to a walk around the University. Meet our students and faculty, and have a look at our labs.