TALENT, COMMUNICATION, ENTERPRISE - or how to turn your ideas into money


Do you have many interesting ideas? Do you need certain knowledge and skills? Do you create things that are interesting for other people? Would you like to turn your ideas into money? Would you like to get to know the tools that will make this easier for you?

If you answered at least once - YES - the upcoming Week4Work is just right for you.

We would like to invite you to:

  • a jam where we will design the "ideal workplace" using the Design Thinking method,
  • games of the "Peasant School of Business",
  • certified workshops led by recognised experts,
  • meetings with employers and study visits,
  • entrepreneurship training sessions where you will learn how to start a business in 2 hours, why it is worth starting a social enterprise and how to write a good grant proposal,
  • VALL GALLERY , where you can use goggles to visit a gallery of our students' work.


The fair also offers the opportunity to visit the Office of Career Guidance and Placements to:

  • take the GALLUP test, thanks to which you will find out your 5 greatest talents,
  • to check their CV during individual counselling sessions with a career counsellor,
  • to open an account on www.biurokarier.edu.pl, where you will find offers for internships, work placements and student placements.

And most importantly, this year's edition of Week4Work will be combined with the Student Activity Days prepared by the student administration and academic clubs of our university.

Registration and more information can be found on the main event page:


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