We are changing our name! Our university has been awarded a higher category!

It's time to celebrate another success! As a result of the academic performance quality evaluation and high ratings in 8 academic disciplines, we have met the requirements of Polish law to use the word “Uniwersytet” in our Polish name. We have also changed our English name to DSW University of Lower Silesia Wroclaw.


What does it mean to be awarded a higher category of a university? 

The change of name and category is another step in the development of our university and expresses our broad, universal profile of education and academic activity. Our values haven't changed, practical education and friendliness are still of paramount importance to us.   


Our DSW academic community has been shaping this place for 25 years through consistent collaboration, perseverance and a friendly welcome to everyone who joins our university. This place has been created from the passion of students, PhD students, staff and academics. We are growing, launching new programmes of study, taking on ever more ambitious research and organisational challenges. The higher category of a university is the result of many years of efforts to meet the requirements of Polish law and to invest in the development of academic performance, experienced academic staff, and the expansion of infrastructure. However, we still remain the same practical and friendly university – says prof. DSW University of Lower Silesia dr hab. Sławomir Krzychała, Rector of DSW University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw.


With the change, we gain new opportunities! 

  • We can develop a broader educational offer that will respond even better to the needs of applicants, current students and the labour market. 
  • The diploma our students receive will contain the Polish word “Uniwersytet”, which can positively influence the position of a graduate in the labour market. 
  • We can run nationwide and international interdisciplinary research projects on a larger scale. 
  • We have obtained the right to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in 8 academic disciplines. 


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