Dear students!


If you enjoy experiences that allow you to make new friends, if you are curious about the other person's point of view, and if you excel in patience and empathy, we invite you to participate in the unique Buddy Programme. By joining this programme, you can strengthen your skills and gain new experiences while doing something useful for others.


The Buddy Programme is aimed at students who are interested in taking care of foreign students coming to the University of Lower SIlesia in Wrocław. A ULS student in the semester III or higher who wants to make new friends, has some free time and speaks a foreign language can become a Buddy Programme member. Tutoring is on a voluntary basis and within the scope of individual abilities.


What you gain as a Buddy Programme member:

  • The opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of the country the foreign student comes from.
  • You will improve your knowledge of the foreign language in which you will communicate with the foreign student.
  • The opportunity to try your hand at mentoring other students.
  • Practical experience confirmed by a certificate that can be very useful in your future job search.
  • Confirmation of your participation in the project not only by a certificate issued, but also by the possibility of including information about it in your Diploma Supplement.



How can I apply?

By filling in the form available at the link below:

Application form




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