We invite you to make use of the resources of the new Digital Library of WSB University & University of Lower Silesia!


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The WSB Digital Library was established in 2013. In 2020, it was expanded and transformed into the Digital Library of the WSB University and the University of Lower Silesia.

The primary objective of the library is to create access to the scientific, teaching and educational resources of the two universities.

The Library's resources consist of collections of journals, monographs, teaching materials.

All materials published in the Digital Library have a regulated legal status. Access to part of the collection may be restricted in accordance with applicable copyright law.





  • The platform can fulfil two functions at the same time - that of a digital library (i.e. making documents available on an open access basis, e.g. scientific publications) and that of a repository (i.e. our platform with educational materials). Everything can be combined by setting rights for user groups and document/object types accordingly,
  • The possibility of integration with the central library catalogue - this would allow materials to be searched through the catalogue - just like books or journals (logging would then be done through the library system which would provide information - who, when and what was downloaded), Such a possibility is provided by the functionality of controlling access to the repository based on computer IP addresses,
  • All teaching materials/academic publications will be in one place, and searching through the library catalogue will incidentally allow use of the library's eLibrary and provide unparalleled outreach (access from anywhere in the world via the internet),
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