Easy application for studies

You can become a student of the first-cycle programme (bachelor's or engineering) at the University of Lower Silesia after completing your secondary education, passing the final exams, and receiving the school leaving certificate. Enrolment is determined by the order of applications, submission of a complete set of documents and meeting the admission requirements.  


Check out the new possibility to go through the admission process with an Applicant’s Account. It has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to become a ULS student.  


How you benefit from setting up an account: 

  • you will go through the entire admission process online  
  • you will file your application documents, sign your contract, and make any payments related to your application – online from any location around the world;
  • you will look up the status of your ongoing applications and view your application history  
  • you will complete an interrupted application form at any time.  

How to apply for a degree program – step by step

Step 1

Choose the programme of study that is suitable for you, go to the online enrolment and select Create an account in the upper right corner .  


Once you are registered, you may continue to apply online by signing in


Make sure you choose a field and form of study available in the English language which is marked with the British flag  


If you need to amend your study enrollment form, do not fill out the form again. You can do it through your Applicant’s Account. 

Step 2

Set up an Applicant's Account, where you will find all necessary instructions on how to successfully complete the application process for your selected programme of study. You will also find a list of all the necessary documents you need to provide in order to meet the Admission requirements and become a ULS student. 


Upload to the Applicant’s Account to undergraduate studies: 

  • a school-leaving certificate with a transcript translated to the Polish or to the English language -  must have an apostille or legalization (in your home country's Ministry of education and then in the Polish Embassy). * the original copy for inspection after your arrival in Poland,
  • English language certificate (not less than B1 level); in case you do not have any certificate, please get in touch with the central admission office.
  • passport / ID card, photo page for inspection; in case of dual citizenship and two passports, please select and use one.
  • 1 color photo - compliant with the requirements for ID/passport photos, taken in front of you, dimensions: 35 x 45 mm. You can take the photo for free, using the program to which you will find a link on the Candidate Account.
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee (if applicable) in accordance with the Payment Regulations, If necessary, we will refund the fees only to the bank account from which you made the payment
Step 3

Once you have set up your account and filled in the application form, you have 7 days to complete, and sign the necessary documents. Only with an Applicant's Account can you do all this without leaving home, online!  

  • Remember that the original copies of the uploaded documents you will present in the Admission Office after your arrival in Poland.

All uploaded documents will be checked and get adequate status. You will be notified about any status changes. You will be also informed about receiving documents you need to start applying for the visa.

Step 5

That's it! You’re a ULS student!


Now you can:

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