At the ULS, you can apply for the same scholarships that students at public universities receive. These include the Rector's Scholarships for the best students based on academic performance, special scholarships, maintenance scholarships and aid payments. 


Each student applying for any of the scholarships must include with their application, in addition to the documentation listed in USOSweb, a statement that they have not received financial aid in more than one field of study.


Students who take their diploma examinations before the end of the period for which the scholarship was awarded (and thus lose their student status) will receive the last scholarship payment in the month in which the examination took place.


PO WER scholarship

In addition, ULS offers scholarships every year for students with disabilities and for students in difficult financial circumstances who wish to use the Erasmus+ programme for a study or internship period abroad. These scholarships are awarded under the Operational Programme Knowledge-based Educational Development (OP WER) and enable mobility abroad for disadvantaged groups of students. Thanks to these funds, every DSW student without exception can go abroad and benefit from European education systems.


Detailed information on the scholarships OP WER is available from the Office for International Academic Exchange or can be accessed online or requested by emailing