We cordially invite DSW University of Lower Silesia students to participate in the next edition of the Buddy Program!


What is the Buddy Program all about?

For one incoming international student, one student - a Buddy - from the DSW University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw is assigned for assistance. The Buddy's task is to help the newcomer with various administrative matters at the home faculty (e.g., contacting the dean's office) and to provide information on multiple issues related to their arrival at the University.

Additionally, the Buddy introduces the newcomer to student life, drawing from his/her own experiences as a student. That can be particularly helpful at the beginning of the stay when the international student may feel a bit lost in a new environment. The Buddy can also help to integrate the incoming students with the University community and show the beauty of Wrocław and the region.

Participation in the Program is voluntary and based on individual capabilities.


What benefits do I get from the Program?

Every Buddy has the opportunity to meet many interesting people from the international community, immerse themselves in different cultures and customs, and learn something new about other nationalities. Also, through the connections established, one can enrich oneself with numerous new experiences, travel together, and grow collectively. These experiences also have a tangible impact on the development of language skills. Furthermore, a Buddy gains practical experience supported by a certificate and the opportunity to include information about their participation in the Program in the diploma supplement.

Additionally, Buddies, along with their mentees, receive suggestions for spending their free time exploring Wroclaw's cultural offerings and discovering places of particular significance to the history and culture of Lower Silesia. The package of vouchers for one person is valued at 300 PLN.


When will the Program be implemented?

  • The Program's second edition begins in the winter semester of 2023/2024.
  • Recruitment for the Program is ongoing.

Where will the Program be carried out?

  • The Program will be conducted on-site, at the DSW University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw, and remotely (utilizing the MSTeams platform).

Who can apply to participate in the Program?

  • Students of the DSW University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw.

How do I apply?

  • By filling out the form available here (machine translation):

What do I do if I have additional questions?

Write an e-mail:

To download:

We kindly request well-considered applications, and in the event of cancellation, please forward the information to the Project Office at the indicated e-mail address: biuro.projektow@dsw.edu.pl

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