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- Exklusionsmechanismen des universitären Habitus: Unsichtbare Barrieren für Studierende auf dem ‘zweiten Bildungsweg’
- The symbolic power of knowledge. Exclusion mechanisms of the ‘university habitus’ in the German HE system
- Die symbolische Macht des Wissens. Exklusionsmechanismen des universitären Habitus
- Die symbolische Macht des Wissens. Exklusionsmechanismen des universitären Habitus

- Honneth and Recognition as Sensitizing Concept for Narrative Analysis: An Irish suggestion
- Towards an understanding of access and retention in higher education
- Recognition in the Work of Axel Honneth: Implications for Transformative Learning Theory
- The Struggle for Recognition in Hegel, Honneth and Higher Education: What non-traditional students say?
- The Struggle for Recognition in Hegel, Honneth and Higher Education - presentation
- Retention and Progression in Irish Higher Education

- What is RANLHE?
- Biographical contexts of experiencing HE: educational journeys in search for life improvement
- 'A Community of Support': the RANLHE project and learning experiences of non-traditional students in higher education
- Badanie studentów szkół wyższych w perspektywie międzynarodowej. Model Tinto a problematyka projektu RANLHE
- Crisis as a Learning Resource

Poland and Ireland
- Honneth and RANLHE

- Researching retention and non-traditional learners: evidence on pre-entry preparation
- Higher education and the recession: the early impact in Scotland

- Biografía, identidad y aprendizaje en estudiantes universitarios no tradicionales

Spain and UK
- Experiencing undergraduate learning as a non-traditional adult student: a biographical approach

- Changing Learning Identities in Higher Education
- Forming a relation to the body – Learning to become a physiotherapist
- Wanting to become something
- Struggles in students' identity – the poetics of life
- RANLHE findings - presentation

United Kingdom and Ireland
- Exploring HE retention and drop-out - an European biographical research approach

United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland
- On Structure and Subjectivity, Reproduction and Transformation: understanding non-traditional students in higher education; a trans-European approach

United Kingdom and Scotland
- Researching Higher Education Access, Retention and Drop-Out through a European Biographical Approach: Exploring similarities and differences within a research team
- Life History Approaches to Access and Retention of Non-traditional Students in Higher Education: A Cross-European Approach

United Kingdom
- Access, Retention and Drop-out in Higher Education in Europe: the Experiences of Non-traditional Students

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