What are you going to learn by choosing this specialization?

  • Plans animation activities in all types of cultural institution and animation stages.
  • Creates the future visions of museums.
  • Manages the capitals of communities.
  • Analyzes, comments, reviews, and discuss various obcjects and events of culture.
  • Manifests creativity in the social, educational and cultural animation.
  • Rengages in understanding different contexts which shape local communities.

Career opportunities for you:

Cultural and non-school based education institutions such as:

  • museums
  • community centers
  • centers for cultural activities
  • common universities
  • universities of the third age
  • culture disseminating organizations
  • associations and nongovernmental organizations.

What else should you know?

  • First degree (undergraduate) studies in Pedagogy, specialization Cultural Animation and Museum Education are addressed to those wishing to acquire knowledge and professional skills necessary to undertake activities in the area of cultural animation and education with particular consideration of museum studies and education.
  • This course lasts three years (6 semesters) and after its completion graduate obtains licencjat which is an equivalent for bachelor degree. Studies program includes courses in the specialization areas of community education and learning and museum studies.
  • After completing studies the graduate possesses knowledge in the field of cultural animation, with particular consideration of knowledge in the area of museum studies. The graduate can use the acquired knowledge and skills in the process of promotion of culture and its products, as well as can animate the educational activities of various environments and social groups representatives.
  • The acquired competencies enable a professional preparation of: self-education workshop programs, courses perfecting amateurs’ artistic skills in the variety of art disciplines, museum classes and exhibitions.
  • The graduate is familiar with the basics of management and financing of culture and is able to obtain domestic and European funds for the development of cultural institutions and carrying of their statutory activities. During the course of studies, students complete the practical training in various cultural and educational institutions and organizations.

Program studiów

Key program features


Selected courses:

  • warsztaty terenowe
  • kultura – animacja – edukacja
  • muzealnictwo
  • lokalne społeczności
  • projekty edukacyjno-społeczne
  • komunikacja i metodyka działań edukacyjnych
  • prawo i ekonomia.
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