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There are currently intensive preparations to host the international conference EUROSIM 2012, which will be held in January 2012 at ULS

There are currently intensive preparations to host the international conference EUROSIM 2012, which will be held in January 2012 on ULS. The conference is organized under the auspices of the Transatlantic Consortium for European Union Studies and Simulations (TACEUSS). The conference will concern the EU's immigration policy.


This conference takes place annually from 24 years and rests on simulating the deliberations of the European Commission and European Parliament on the topic, adopted by the participants. The meeting involved students and lecturers from over 25 European and U.S. Universities, in the number of about 250 people. It is the oldest and largest initiative in the world, held alternately once in Europe, once in the United States of America. Among the schools, which participate in this project, are Maastricht University, University of Antwerp, Canisius College, New York University, Cornell University, Weidner University, State University of New York and others.


University of Lower Silesia has been working in the network TACEUSS for eight years. Our University is very active, and the only Polish participant of eurosimulation. European Director of TACEUSS  is Jadwiga Dobrowolska and as a member of the Executive Board creates network policy, and its work is represented in European Universities. One of the ULS student performing function of European Student Director who will be responsible for the care of European and American participants during the conference on ULS . It will be so by all means a special conference in the history of previous participation in the work of ULS at TACEUSS network.


Due to the fact that this will be the 25th eurosimulation edition, and of its unique character and a huge international range, we expect that this event will have a special significance not only for our University, but also for the city of Wroclaw and the region.


ULS students representatives, are currently preparing for their speeches to the conference, where they will play the roles of European politicians. Held meetings, training courses and lectures will prepare them adequately to the participation in the eurosimulation.


Eurosimulation participants from previous years, who are the backbone of volunteer work were invited to help in organizing the conferences. .


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