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Nr projektu: SEP-210267549/ FINAL ID 689623

Tytuł projektu w języku angielskim: STAMFORD - Innovative systems  identyfing, assessing and managing falls risk


Koordynator: Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica SPA, Italy
Partnerzy: University of Warwick, UK; CEFRIEL, IT; Fondazione Santa Lucia, IT; Dolnoslaska Szkola Wyzsza, PL; Design Enterpreneurship Institute, BE; Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas, GR; Technichen Universiteit Dresden, DE.

Okres realizacji projektu:

Instytucja, w której wniosek jest realizowany: European Commission

Kontakt: dr Adrianna Nizińska


Abstract: The STAMFoRd proposal’s  will develop the results of promising study conducted by European Commission Joint Research Centre on the predictive technology (Pecchia, Strange et all, 2014);  the ultimate goal is to prevent indoor falls of elderly, by early detecting biological risk factors that, in combination with behavioral and environmental circumstances, may result in falls. This will result in increasing the quality of life of seniors and reducing at least 20% of the costs for hospitalization and social assistance .Additionally, STAMFoRd will also address one of the biggest challenge in prevention of falls, which is changing behavior to prevent falls, by increasing elderly awareness permanently fusing ICT, gamification approaches and psycho educational theories on adult learning to recognize and properly address the seniors’ readiness to change their behaviors. In this respect, STAMFoRd intends to realize an innovative, unobtrusive, intuitive and cost effective Indoor Falls Risk Monitoring and Management System for older adults living in nursing homes and/or alone at home.


Projekt stara się o dofinansowanie z funduszy Unii Europejskiej w ramach programu Horyzont 2020