DSW - miejsce dla Ciebie


Movie clip 

Patryka Scelina's MA project; short movie with lots of digital effects. 


Art instalation

Marcin Szymczyk's BA project - multimedia art instalation using recurtion of video image phenomenon and flash interactive clips.

Peaches for Free

Movie Clip

Piotr Białousz's BA project. Movie promoting author's blog about motion design.

Interactive Photography Tools


Klaudiusz Kosidło BA project. Panorama Racławicka's presentation using three interactive photography tools: Zoomify, PhotoSynth & Panoramic photography.

Retro Robot


Mateusz Pietrek's and  Bartosz Walkowiak's MA project. Mobile  game made by using Flash Lite technology.



Marcin M. Drews' BA project; educational video game made by using Adventure Maker opensource aplication.


Movie Clip

Maciej Zakrzewski's BA project. Puppet animation with author's music.

The Dark Tower



Bartłomiej Polaków's MA project. Flash series based on Stephen Kings' The Dark Tower book.

Special Educational Establishment in Bogumiłek website


Borys Nieśpielak BA project.


Movie Clip

Patryk Scelina's BA project; short sf movie.

As Usual

Movie clip

Beata Palacz's & Mateusz Wójtowicz's BA project. Short movie.

Mute Girl

Movie Clip

Joanna Kraśnicka's & Maciej Teodorowski's BA project. Short movie.

Visual Identification System for Głowiński Library


Monika Serafin's BA project.

"Black" - Making Of

 Movie Clip

Irmina Pilarska BA project. Making of for Piotr Matwieczyk's movie.

The Truth from the Bits

Music video

Filip Błaszczyk's BA project. Music video for hip-hop singers Denyz & Sokół song.

FC Bayern funclub site


Kamil Kasica's BA project.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Destroyed Building's 3D Reconstruction


Mikołaj Frączkowski's BA project.

Play Yourself

Photo slideshow

Agnieszka Rogula's photographic work.