DSW - miejsce dla Ciebie

Programs of Study

The Digital Media & CMC Programs offered on B.A. and M.A. levels are one of the most unique programs in communication in Poland designed for everybody interested in multimedia production design and critique. Program tightly connects subjects from many different fields like: new media studies, cmc, visual arts, sociology of the Internet, cyberculture anthropology, web & graphic design.
B.A. level
Courses offered:
• Web Design - Programming
• Web Design - Graphic
• Foundation of Video Editing
• Digital Sound
• Photography Workshop
• Foundation of Cinematography
• Interactive Narration and Hypertext Theory
• Online Journalism
• Language in CMC and in Audiovisual Media
• E-learning
• Flash Design
• Foundation of 3D Graphics
• Theory of Cyberculture
• Labels & Phonographic Production
• Internet Research Methods.

M.A. Level
Courses offered:
• 3D Animation
• Special Effects for Film & Television
• Advanced Internet Technologies (CMS, PHP, MySQL)
• DTP & Printing
• Psychology of the Internet
• Web Usability
• Foundation of Media Programming
• Sound Production
• Short Television & Film Forms Production
• Visualizations Workshops
• Technoculture
• Cultural & Social Influence of IT & New Media
• New Media Studies Methodology
• CMC in International and Cross-Cultural Context
• Foundation of Cybernetics
• New Media in Mass Communication.