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Job announcement

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International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education at the University of Lower Silesia is looking for a Master Teacher in the field of English language.


Job description:

Master Teacher functions as a specialist, independent supervisor in overseeing the integration and coordination of education, curriculum and activities at English Language Practicum organized jointly by New School (New York, USA) and University of Lower Silesia (Wrocław, Poland).

The certified program, English Language Practicum, has been organizing in Wrocław, Poland annually (July/ August for 3,5 week) since 2004. Students/ trainees from the Certificate in TESOL program at The New School, a University in New York City,  come to Wrocław to complete their teaching practicum - they teach or co-teach) a class of students (recruited among students, employees of ULS but also adults, inhabitants of the city). The English language course offers six levels of difficulty. The trainees are supervised by a master teacher who runs additional classes and workshops for them and observes their teaching and gives feedback (for details please go to the websites: www.iisce.org/en/iisce/english-language-practicum and www.iisce.dsw.edu.pl/iisce/intensywny-kurs-jezyka-angielskiego).

Typical Tasks:

•    Starting 3 months before Practicum, communicate with participants about what to expect, and how to prepare.  Assign class levels to trainees and when necessary, teams.
•    Visit classrooms on a regular basis to coach and provide feedback to trainees to improve teaching practices.
•    Use  performance-based assessment data and results of classroom observations to determine and support a high level of curriculum implementation.
•    Plan specific goals and training opportunities, including, but not limited to, modeling classroom practices and lessons, and planning and implementing workshops, to improve identified weak areas.
•    Provide individualized follow-up support to the trainees’ level of development and plan small group meetings/trainings for trainees with similar needs.
•    Plans, facilitates and oversees classroom activities according to developmentally appropriate practice.
•    Supervise  appropriate lesson plans.
•    Confer and collaborate with Director of New School Certificate in TESOL program on any student issues, or programmatic changes. 
•    Write final evaluation of students to submit to Director of New School Certificate in TESOL..
Minimum Qualifications:
•    Possession of a valid Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)
•    Completion of CELTA trainer course, DELTA, or Masters in TESOL.
•    Substantial international experience in teaching English as Foreign Language.
•    Experience in TESOL teacher training and professional development.
•    Cross-culture sensitivity in terms of the needs and expectations of the students and trainees.
•    Knowledge of both language cultures (Polish and American) to be able to predict/avoid potential common mistakes.
•    5 years of full-time experience or its equivalent as a teacher.
•    One year of which must have included training and supervising teachers.
To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter to iisce@dsw.edu.pl with quoting reference Poland Practicum by July 20, 2017.
You may obtain additional information and assistance by contacting:
Ula Kłobuszewska, Program Coordinator
International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education, University of Lower Silesia
Strzegomska 55
53-611 Wrocław, Poland
Tel.: + 48 504 073 004