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Experiencing Culture and History in Central Europe

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American students at ULS

On Saturday, May 27, IISCE will welcome 14 students from the United States for the Experiencing Culture and History in Central Europe international program.

Centered on the theme “The Culture and Politics of Memory” this year’s program brings together students from an American university – The College at Brockport, State University of New York.

The city of Wroclaw becomes their learning laboratory in "Intership and Servce Learning. The service learning experience will be located at the “New” Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw, a site tied both to the legacy of the German-Jewish community of Breslau and today’s Polish-Jewish community.

In addition to the program students participate in study tours of the city of Wroclaw, Berlin, Prague and Cracow.

More about the project at urbanlabsce.eu.